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okay so apparently our community coolness has intimidated the bejeezers out of all prospective and current members...THAT'S INCLUDING YOU!

so i will take the initiative and post.


in the corner of my room, there is a rather large (however lifesize) cardboard cutout of legolas aka orlando bloom in an elf costume with blonde extensions. i got him for christmas. too bad it wasn't the real thing. anyways, i enjoy him very much, since orlando is possibly the hottest thing on earth... but at the moment he is holding a sign that says "i feel like a pretty lady".

I DIDN'T DO IT! (i swear)

perhaps my father is a tad jealous of orlando's chill 2-dimensional steady-eyed poise and command of the room? actually, i just think he wants the extensions.

and still the fluorescent hell looms in the future. don't ya love mondays...
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