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Name: Alexandra
Location: the place to be AKA Houston, TX
Age: 16.
Picture of yourself:

Write a brief opinion detailing the specific aspects of your body, mind, soul, et cetera that qualify you as hawt_cynics material.

In life you must take everything you hear. read. or see. and criticize it, think about it. let it be known that you are better, and you can do better. In order to exceed in life you must think highly of yourself. Let people know your greatness and critic theirs.because if someone is possibly better than you ( highly unlikely) they must have a challenge, and if you aren't cynical or even a Bitch then well you are giving them the easy way out. Be proud of who you are. Say, "You are jealous." and mean it.

What are your three favourite books?

Perks of Being a Wallflower, A million Little Pieces, The Da Vinci Code
What are your three favoruite movies?

City Of God, Reqiuem for a Dream, Benny and Joon

What is your favourite word? What is the definition?

Pomo; adjective/noun; pretainting to a style which occurred (post) Modern era ie. Angular Architecture, minimalist art (pop art), documentaries, hipster behavior (fashion/music/etc)

Least favourite word? What is the definition?

Conceited; "you are just jealous"

What are your thoughts on former Alaskan folk princess Jewel’s new look?
Not one to care. . .

What is your favourite lo-fi indie pop band?
Neutral Milk Hotel

What (or who) would you do for a Klondike bar?
meh, there is no form of ice cream beyond Ben and Jerry's

Who killed Bambi?
The Devils of society. so do like me, go veg.

Who is your favourite "My So-Called Life" character?
Television is for suckers.

How, or where, did you find us? i clicked the neutral milk hotel interest link. and ta da.
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