Will (wilkuz) wrote in hawt_cynics,


As the moderator of the community I would like to enact a new rule:

The Driska Doctrine,
If for some reason a large conflict occurs between two or more members, one of the parties involved in the conflict can appeal to the other members of the community to consider revoking the membership of the other party.

If the other members take revoking the accused party into consideration, the accused party may then make one post entailing why they should not be banned from the community. If and only if they can convince the majority of the members in the community to vote to keep them in the community then they are allowd to stay.

In other news, we are in need of applicants to get this community off the ground. In the future we would like to start contests in which you will be judged in some way.

We are open to suggestions so feel free to leave comments.

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