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Name: Emma
Location: Someplace where we don't spell favorite with a "u."
Age: 16
Picture of yourself: I don't have a digital camera like you damn rich kids.

Write a brief opinion detailing the specific aspects of your body, mind, soul, et cetera that qualify you as hawt_cynics material: Do you remember the fraggles from fraggle rock? They lived in a cave and did science experiments and a family of giants chased them around. Imagine if one of them had a child with Emma Peele from the 60s spy show The Avengers. That's what I look like. As for my mind and soul, I go to high school. I don't have either.

What are your three favourite books? The Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain (it's a novella, shoot me), Slaughterhouse V by Kurt Vonnegut, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

What are your three favoruite movies? Annie Hall, Harold and Maude, Roger and Me

What is your favourite word? What is the definition? Contemptuous. It means "pissed."

Least favourite word? What is the definition? Fiesty. It means "something creepy guys use to describe girls who don't want to have sex with them"

What are your thoughts on former Alaskan folk princess Jewel’s new look? Looks like somebody's gotta sell records.

What is your favourite lo-fi indie pop band? Pavement.

What (or who) would you do for a Klondike bar? I would partake in such zany activities as barking like a dog and flapping my wings like a bird. And I would be wearing a business suit, making it doubly zany.

Who killed Bambi? That bitch Faline. She nagged him to death.

Who is your favourite "My So-Called Life" character? The really angsty, whiny one. Oh, wait....

How, or where, did you find us? I think we might have listed one of the same interests or something.
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